Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Around Here

Something has been eating up my plants again! These poor succulents were so full and gorgeous on Mother's Day when we bought them and now they're looking mangled. I'm hoping a little TLC will bring them back to life.

We bought this gorgeous globe second hand. I can't wait to add to the collection, it looks absolutely perfect sitting on top of the shelf in the reading room.

I finally got a chance to go through the bag of shells I collected when Andrew's parents were visiting. My jar of shells is filling up nicely! Loving the different shapes we found this time.

We've been fruit fiends for the past little while, especially loving the mandarins.

I had another burst of creativity and managed to get a few layouts made this week. Then, life caught up and now I'm drowning in my to-do list again.

Andrew was home for lunch one day this week and we decided to take advantage by checking out a new (to us) spot in West End. These opportunities are becoming increasingly rare.

This little guy can't stop playing with electronics. Even while sitting in the car waiting for his swimming lesson, he wants to fiddle with the GPS.

Yes, I made this delicious cake again. I was craving cake at the grocery store the other day, decided to be good and not buy the $5 white chocolate mud cake and make this instead. Delayed gratification. And in my mind, it's healthier.

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