Saturday, September 7, 2013

Good On Ya, Champs!

After six months, the soccer season has now come to an end.

The boys have worked so hard this season. They've improved so much since that very first practice and it all came together in their final game.

Nathan scored the first goal!

But in the excitement of the moment, my mind was so focused on watching and cheering for Nathan that I completely forgot to film it. I'm so bummed about that.

This is how I remember it: Nathan got the ball off the other team on the left side of our net, taking it up the side of the field, right past all the parents with three opponents hot on his tail. He managed to kick it up the line, run just a bit faster than the other kids to get to the ball and turn it towards the net for the goal.

The entire team played so well and we ended up winning 9-0. What a beautiful way to end the season!

And we have been so lucky again this year to have a coach who actually knows and plays soccer, and was so patient with the boys in teaching them proper skills and techniques.

I'm so glad he liked the ball. Too bad I didn't think of getting a stand to go with the ball, but to be honest I thought he might actually kick it around with his boys instead of putting it in his office. Guess I'll know for next year!

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