Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 7

Week of: February 10 - February 16

This was the week of my birthday. It's also the week that consisted of the rest of Andrew's parents' visit, Valentine's day, a trip to the dentist, Nathan learning to pump on the swing and a special bedtime story.

There were a lot of photos to be included this week. Most of the photos from my birthday will be included in a 6x12 insert later on. Silly me, when I planned that out, I fully believed I had some of the smaller inserts, but it turns out I just online window shop so much I don't actually know what I own anymore!

Since there were so many photos, there wasn't a lot of space left for journaling so I experimented a lot with putting words onto my photos this week. This ranged from simple titles, to captions on a label, to typing out what I had to say right onto the photo.

From this photo, it's hard to read the journaling but I love the look of the typewritten text directly on these photos. 

Something to keep in mind with typing onto glossy photos is that because it's so smooth, the type can get smudged. This wasn't a problem with the smaller photo with less text but I found with the larger photo, as the photo passed under the guides, it would drag the ink across my photo creating lines. Cleaning up the image didn't take too much effort - a quick wipe with my finger cleared up most marks. However, that also means that this journaling can easily be wiped away if I'm not careful. 

In spite of that, this is my new favourite way of journaling on photos. It's quick and easy, subtle but not too hard to read, and it looks really good.

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