Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Recap

Soccer season is winding down. I can't believe the boys just played their second-last game! That also means it's time for coach appreciation. The team parents decided to get the coach and his wife a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant but I thought it'd be nice for him to get something from the boys as well.  I didn't want to do anything too involved though as we're quite limited on time.

So while I was baking a cake for the P&F Cafe, I came up with a brilliant solution. We could just buy a soccer ball, write thank you, our team name and get all the boys to sign their names! Easy and thoughtful.

I have never seen a group of boys so interested and excited about a gift that wasn't for them.

After soccer practice, we raced home to get our water gear and down to South Bank to register for the Bridge 2 Brisbane race. I had absent-mindedly put it off until it was too late and the registration deadline had passed. Luckily, Andrew called the race office (many times) and finally learned we could sign up at the office before noon.

Since we had to head to South Bank anyway, we decided to let the boys have a play at the beach. The weather's been so hot and sunny lately. The last day of winter felt nothing like winter at all. It's like someone flipped the switch and suddenly it was summer already.

The boys had a nice cool-down in the water while I sat under a tree with our stuff. We took the boys on the City Hopper for a little ride on the river. Caleb's become so obsessed with taking public transportation lately, so we brought him for a boat ride because it happened to be approaching the stop as we were there, and because it was free.

Our Sunday was filled with more rides (on the bus) as we made our way to the Bridge2Brisbane starting line. We met up with some teachers and families from the school and began our 5km walk.

It didn't occur to me until Andrew mentioned that this was my second 5km race in 8 days. I feel a little silly saying "race" because I didn't really try to get to the finish line before anyone else, or by a certain time, but that's what it was. 

Walking the Bridge2Brisbane was much harder than what I did last week because this time I was pushing a stroller in the blazing hot sun, not really knowing where the finish line was. Despite all that,  I enjoyed it anyway because I was out getting exercise with Andrew and the boys (even though Nathan ran ahead with his buddies) and we were supporting Nathan's friend.

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