Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 18 - 20

Project Life: Week 18

Week of: April 28 - May 4

What happened this week: We went to meet Amy Tan at Spotlight, Nathan went on his second overnight camp, I started my new job and we spent a day in beautiful Byron. It was a super full week!

This year, Nathan brought back the notes we sent with him to overnight camp. On top of that, he brought extra cards and he actually sat down each night to write down what he did that day. I thought that was really sweet of him to do for me.

Everything on this side is pretty normal except the "amazing" die cut which I placed on top of the page protector instead of on the photo. I like the way it stands out, and I used this technique on the title page of my second album as well.

Project Life: Week 19

Week of: May 5 - May 11

What happened this week: A relatively regular week with a birthday party and a class breakfast in the mix.

I'm pretty sure that "AWESOME" card is the first filler card I've used all year. It's not very often I get to use those because I always have so many photos but this week, I decided not to journal for that photo of Caleb and let it speak for itself.

I love the little bits of journaling that I was able to fit in on this side. I also cut down a sheet of Nathan's work from the class breakfast to include for this week.

Project Life: Week 20

Week of: May 12 - May 18

 What happened this week: Mother's Day weekend, along with a lot of housekeeping stuff because Andrew had the week off and that's what we do when he's free.

I used the entire left side to document things we did on Mother's Day. Nathan wrote two sweet notes for me so I put the smaller one on this spread and the larger one is kept in the envelope at the back of the album. 

That E460 receipt is a tiny bit of mundane ephemera from when I went to get my Queensland driver's license. The rest of this side of the spread is just little things that happened during the rest of the week.

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