Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snapshots from Hong Kong

Day 1: After 8 hours, we finally arrived in Hong Kong. Thankfully, Andrew's parents met us at the airport and knew how to take the bus back to our hotel because it took us so long to grab all our luggage that we missed our hotel shuttle and the next one was scheduled for two hours later. We settled in and we found a place to eat just downstairs. The boys were exhausted by the end of dinner so we called it a night.  

Day 2: The boys woke up at 6:30 - I thought we were on vacation?! Caleb celebrated his third birthday in Hong Kong. We managed to take a taxi to meet Andrew's parents at Kowloon International Baptist Church for service but we arrived early so we let the boys run around in the basketball court next door. We spent the rest of the day sightseeing and visiting with relatives.

Day 3: The boys got up at the crack of dawn again. We had a bit of time to ourselves in the morning so we took a leisurely stroll by the river to the nearest shopping centre and had breakfast there. Unfortunately, nothing was open until 10am so we didn't get to do any shopping and breakfast there wasn't great either. Andrew preferred the traditional HK-style breakfast over the westernized ones.

We brought the boys to The Avenue of Stars, the Christmas decorations at Harbour City and the giant Totoro at Donguri Republic before our buffet lunch. The boys loved riding at the top of a double-decker bus, and hanging out on the MTR. Andrew and I took a quick walk through the markets as they were opening up for the night before heading to another family dinner.

Day 4: After having a proper yum cha breakfast with Andrew's uncle, we spent a bit of time searching for green tea snacks to bring home with us. Then, we all hopped into a ferry to Discovery Bay for a quick visit. Our original plan was to visit Victoria Peak afterwards but it was so foggy we couldn't even see where it was so we figured it wasn't worth the trip up. We ended up going back to Tsim Sha Tsui to see all the Christmas decorations at 1881. After a bit more shopping, we finished off our trip with one last family dinner. It was one of the most interesting dinners I've had which included Nathan hammering open one of our dishes.

Day 5: We just packed up our bags early in the morning and made it onto the shuttle this time. It was absolutely jam-packed and I didn't have a seat because Caleb decided he was too big to sit on my lap and that he wanted a seat to himself. I ended up sitting on the edge of the plastic and even then he wanted to push me off. Luckily, the ride was quick and we arrived at the airport with enough time for us to have one last HK-style breakfast before boarding the plane back to Toronto.

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