Friday, December 13, 2013

Toronto Christmas Markets

The Distillery District is one of my favourite places to walk through so when I found out they were going to have the Christmas Markets there this year, and we'd arrive just in time to check it out, I put it on my list of things to do while in Toronto.

All the different businesses had their own little hut, it was so cute! And of course, there was the giant Christmas tree right in the centre of the square. We arrived with barely an hour left but it was absolutely freezing out so I don't think I would have lasted much beyond that anyway.

We still managed to grab a bowl of Mini Wheats in steamed milk - so warm and yummy. I could go for a big bowl right now!

There were a couple of these antique shops for us to duck in to. Don't you just love the exposed brick and old wood doors?

And the brick and cobblestone walkways outside are so gorgeous, too.

Goodnight, Christmas Markets.

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