Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lacing Up Those Skates

We spent the first day of 2014 watching the Winter Classic with the boys from the comfort of our living room. I cannot believe people sat in the wind and snow to watch that hockey game. It's a good thing we didn't go because even in our living room, the boys wanted to be tucked under a blanket, and they lost interest very quickly.

We were hoping that the boys would be inspired enough to go skating because one of the things on our to do list for this trip was to take the boys skating a couple times to make use of our skates.

Andrew and I were hoping to take advantage of the free outdoor skating rinks they usually have each year but it was absolutely freezing outside so we opted to go for a free Tim Horton skate instead.

Unfortunately, that meant it was super busy so we figured the safest place for Caleb would be right in the middle of the rink.

Nathan managed to go a few circles but the ice here was much slipperier than the ice in Brisbane so he fell a few times. Thank goodness Andrew decided to put snow pants on the boys! Nathan stayed in good spirits, as did Caleb who spent a majority of the first half of our skate flat on the ice. He thought it was funny but for his own safety and warmth, we had to keep picking him up.

For the remainder of the skate, Nathan decided he wanted to be with Caleb and that worked out well. After I gave Caleb a little pep talk, he agreed to stay upright on the ice but he didn't want Andrew or I to hold on to him. 

Instead, he wanted to be with his brother.

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