Monday, February 24, 2014

Finally Back

We've been back for a couple weeks now but it wasn't until this morning I finally felt comfortable in our home again. Perhaps part of that was due to the added excitement of the Canadian Men's Hockey team winning gold, and celebrating that with our Canadian friends in our home the night before.

Finally, it didn't feel like we were still settling in. Yes, I still have piles of clothes we've brought back that don't quite fit into any of the drawers or closets. We'll find space for those eventually. But I was baking again. Caleb was happy to entertain himself and chatter with our family over FaceTime while I made banana chocolate chip muffins and scones.

Then, completely inspired by a walk through a gorgeous shop in West End and visiting my friend in her beautiful home over the weekend, I finally washed the blanket Andrew's parents bought for us in Mexico and laid it out in our reading room. It changes the whole look of the room and the texture is much softer and inviting than the carpet underneath.

Even in our fourth (and possibly final) year here in Brisbane, I'm just starting to build our home and it is so much fun!

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