Friday, March 7, 2014

Lovely Scent

Every Friday, Caleb comes to Bible study with me and we park our car under a frangipani tree.

Every week, Caleb points out the flowers that have blown off the tree and landed on the ground around our car.

Every week, I tell him it's one of my favourite flowers and we pick up a couple for Caleb to hold onto during our car ride home.

Most weeks the flowers disappear before we get home but this week, they made it home so I lay them on the little cupcake stand that I bought ages ago.

As they sat on my desk, a breeze blew in and I realized that they have a really pretty scent.

So now, even though they've withered into a flat mess, they still smell fresh and I'll keep them on my desk until next Friday, when Caleb will undoubtedly bring new ones home.

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