Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Like It!

AE Demin Jacket | Logitech iPad keyboard | Essie in Mint Candy Apple | Be Aqua iPhone Case | aloe vera plants | Chips Ahoy! Rainbow Cookies | St. Ives Green Tea Gel Cleanser |  Super Nudie Breakfast Juice 

A real mix of good things on my I Like It! list this month. The weather's starting to get cooler and I broke out the denim jacket the other day and got two compliments - more reason to love it! My iPad keyboard has made answering emails and writing blog posts on my iPad a hundred times easier. The chia seed juice and green tea cleanser makes me cleaner inside and out, a fresh coat of nail polish and aloe vera makes me and the space around me a little prettier and rainbow chip cookies are my guilty pleasure. And Caleb ate the last of my stash!

The only thing I don't have is that iPhone case and I want to have it as a constant reminder to be present. Right where I am.

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