Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Our Mother's Day was unexpectedly full of activity. 

It all started off with Nathan chasing a monster out of my room and telling him in a not-so-quiet voice to "don't say anything. I don't want mommy to know what I'm doing. It's a secret." That made me giggle so I pretended not to hear and went to take a shower.

After church, we met up with some friends at Lone Pine and ended up watching the birds of prey show, the sheep dog show and the sheep shearing show before the boys were finally ready to leave. It was almost 2pm by then and I was starving (the boys had shared a hot dog before the first show). 

We met up with Andrew and another friend, had a huge late lunch. We had a couple hours until our dinner reservations (yes, we basically went from one meal to the next) so we headed to the city and played a game of bowling. 

And about a million games of ping pong. 

That involved a lot of smashing and running after the ball which was great for working off our lunch, but not so good for my already-dwindling energy levels.

Then it was time for dinner. 

And dessert that we brought home because we were way too full to enjoy them. 

Caleb fell asleep on the way home so Andrew suggested we keep the gifts until the morning. Extending Mother's Day celebrations for one more day is alright by me!

Hope all you moms out there had a beautiful Mother's Day. I sure did.

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