Friday, May 30, 2014

Splashes of Colour

While we were walking through Paddington the other week, I discovered this little gem. Initially, I had no interest in checking the store out but I had some time to kill before the antiques shops opened up so I figured I could spare a couple minutes to see if there was anything worth seeing.

Boy am I glad I decided to give this store a chance. It's not called Happiness Place Designs for nothing.

The moment I stepped in, I was surrounded by bright colours and beautiful things. It was like walking into a real live version of Pinterest.  I was greeted by a beautiful fragrance, likely coming from those Kate Spade candles they had in stock.

The store was filled to the brim with all sorts of neat things. Everywhere you looked, there was a beautiful explosion of colour and design. I had to ask Andrew to wait outside with Caleb because there was no way to get the stroller through the aisles.

I recognized the brands of some of their paper products from my subscription and felt a little giddy inside. Knot and Bow makes that gorgeous gold blended twine I've been wishing for since I first discovered it, and guess what? They had it in stock!

They carry a lot of modern, trendy pieces that you don't normally find in Australia. I was in love with all the bright, bold uses of colours. And that ampersand dish!!

In the back room, they have a huge collection of colourful cushions and other bits and bobs. And check out that black and white striped floor!

The bright pink isn't really my style but I wouldn't mind a bed with all those pillows! Andrew wouldn't be quite as happy.

Just walking through this store really got all my creative juices flowing again. I came out feeling exhilarated and inspired, and I'm definitely going to come back again, next time I'm in the neighbourhood.

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