Monday, June 30, 2014

Photo A Day: June 2014

181 days down, 184 to go.

June was a good month. It was busy and so full but somehow, there were calm and peaceful moments in between as well. Most of these photos capture the quieter moments. Towards the end of the month, things got pretty rough for me - I was overwhelmed by all the things I had on my plate but looking at this grid, I really can't remember that feeling anymore.

Despite the cold weather, we spent a lot of time outside. It was mostly for Nathan's sporting activities but also, I just can't get enough of being by the water. The best thing about going to the beach in winter is that it's practically empty. It's a little too chilly for most Australians but we don't mind - benefits of growing up in colder climates!

Let's get started on the second half of this year!

I'm participating via Instagram. Follow along @btsoi.
If you'd like to join me or find out more about Photo A Day (July), you can find the details here.
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