Friday, June 27, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 10 & 11

Week 10: March 2 - March 8

This week was pretty normal. Other than our usual routine, we had dinner with friends, I got back into yoga, Nathan had a class breakfast, his first outdoor soccer practice session and his final futsal game. 

Caleb was playing with my leftover gouache and made me a piece of art for this week's spread.

I had a bit of fun this week making that date card. Originally, I was going to mark off the days of this week with sequins. Then I decided it would make more sense if I kept the days of this week uncovered and covered up the remaining dates with the sequins. Now I can clearly see the dates for this spread and it uses up some of my sequin stash. Awesome.

Since it was the end of futsal season, I printed off the team's schedule and record after Nathan's last game. The boys did a fantastic job only losing one game during the regular season so I'm sure that's something Nathan will like looking back on one day.

Week 11: March 9 - March 15

Whenever Andrew has a week off from school, I try to pack in as much as possible to get things done. We ended up going thrift-shopping twice this week, made birthday party invitations for Nathan's party and brought our friends out for dinner. 

I played around with some printables and die cuts this week to add a bit of interest and colour to this week's spread.

Since I started making the boys' birthday invitations, I've always made them 6x4 so I can include them in my Project Life spreads. I also grabbed a coaster from the restaurant we went to, that black on kraft looks good.

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