Monday, June 9, 2014

Shouk Cafe

Whenever we go antiquing, Andrew's first order of business is to figure out where we'll be eating right after we finish sifting through all that "old stuff".  

As we were waiting for the shops to open, we noticed a new cafe that had opened just off the main street and for some reason, Andrew was quite fixated on it. He looked up the menu and kept asking me if I'd be interested in trying it out. I didn't really mind either way, I just wanted to go antiquing, so we decided to go there for an early lunch. 

When I was finally finished shopping, we went straight to the cafe and it turned out to be a really good choice. 

We found a sunny spot in the corner and settled in as we waited to order. Caleb was particularly cuddly that morning.

I had secretly wished we could sit in that cozy corner, it looks like it could be part of someone's house. But, there were people sitting there when we first arrived, and it's more of a coffee-sipping kind of spot and we were here to eat.

After touching all those dusty antiques, I thought it'd be best to wash my hands off and look what I discovered there! The tiles. The basin. The old wood and tap. It was all so pretty.

The food arrived soon after and I have to admit, looking at these dishes my first thought was: uh oh, we're not going to have enough food and we'll still be hungry after. But as we started eating, I could not stop talking about the food. It was amazing.

My stack of latkes was phenomenal. The flavours and textures all worked so well. Andrew's food was amazing. I practically had to beg him for some of his grilled vegetables because even those tasted fantastic. We even shared our food with Caleb and we all had enough to eat.

Here's Caleb's contribution to this post: a close-up of his meal consisting of Andrew's bread and bacon, and my two poached eggs. 

He's developed this habit of asking me for my phone occasionally to take photos of things he's seen me take photos of, like his food, his art, his work. It's such a cute routine.

I can't wait to come back for another meal here. Maybe next time, we'll come for morning tea and enjoy a coffee in that cozy nook.

Or maybe, we'll sit out front and enjoy the fresh air.

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