Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Full Day

Caleb's been going to school for about 4 months now and he's still excited as ever to go to school every morning.

Towards the end of October, he got this idea in his head that he should stay for lunch. I let the idea sit for a while to see if it was just something he was saying, or if he actually wanted it. Sure enough, he kept asking so by the beginning of November, he started staying for lunch.

I had a quick meeting with his class directors and both of them agreed he was definitely ready to stay for longer - he has a good, focused work cycle and has the stamina to last through the afternoon. They were both excited about getting to do some work with him in the afternoons so that was reassuring for me.

He loved that he got to play with his friends at break time and have lunch with them. I was so surprised to see his lunch container completely empty every afternoon. I had expected him to be too busy chatting away to finish his food, but then again, the boy loves his food.

A week later, Caleb started staying until 2pm. That was such an awkward pick-up time for me to work around seeing as how I had to be back at 3pm to pick up Nathan.

Luckily, that only lasted 5 days because Caleb's decided that starting today, he will go to school for the full day. 

This happened so much faster than I had planned, but I'm glad Caleb knows himself well enough to decide this is what he needs to do.

I'm so proud of you, big guy!

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