Friday, November 14, 2014

G20 Public Holiday

Andrew's first day of freedom ended up coinciding with the G20 public holiday in Brisbane so while I feel like he was cheated a little because he probably would have gotten the day off anyway, he didn't care. He was free.

We took things slow and easy that day, kind of like this little guy.

Instead of joining the mass exodus out of Brisbane, we stayed in town. It was so quiet and safe with all the extra police milling about. And we managed to cross one thing off our mile-long to-do list: renew our Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary memberships!

It was nice to just leisurely wander around the park, letting the boys choose what they wanted to see.

Of course, the boys wanted to feed the kangaroos first. There were so many little kangaroos this time around and they were eager to eat.

Oh, Caleb. He loves petting animals so much. He gave this kanga a nice long neck rub, then discovered how soft his ears were!

The kanga must have liked it because she stood still for so long, soaking in the love. I even managed to get a picture with her and both the boys.

It slipped my mind that Andrew didn't have a membership last year so when we went to watch all the animal shows, he wasn't there. We missed the birds of prey show but he finally got to see the sheep herding show that the boys were so excited about.

Those dogs do such a good job keeping those sheep together, going where they need to go. I wonder how they do with rounding children up?

I know my boys would love to have a dog of their own. 

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