Monday, January 12, 2015

Back to the Daily Grind

Andrew started orientation week for his new job today. For the past little while, people have been asking me if I'm looking forward to Andrew going to work and honestly, after having him home for two months, I was really not looking forward to this day. I know I've been spoiled.

Today, was just me and the boys and I knew that if I didn't have a plan to get out of bed and a list of things to get done, I would spend the entire day sitting around, reminiscing about the days when Andrew was home to share the workload with me (read: do everything).

First order of business was getting my glucose tolerance test done. This involved me downing a bottle of sugar water that tasted like flat lemonade, keeping the boys quiet as we waited in the pathology clinic waiting room for two hours straight and having my blood drawn three times.

I managed to survive the test and the boys did remarkably well in that waiting room. The nurse asked me multiple times if they always behaved so well, and (proud mama moment) I was able to answer yes, most of the time.

The boys getting restless after hour number two.
I promised the boys a trip to the library (how exciting, I know) before we headed home for lunch. The boys spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out and I only had to sit in bed two times before making dinner. We're slowly easing our way back into our work/school routine here. I can't believe in about two weeks, I'll be at home all by lonely myself again.

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