Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nathan's Last Market Stall

Just before the end of term, Nathan ran one last market stall with his friend. From my point of view, it was hard to see how this stall would turn out. Nathan initially started off planning a market stall with two other friends, but that didn't work out. Then, as they were planning what to sell, they kept adding items, changing what they wanted to sell and recording the cost of purchasing those items as "free". I could tell the boys didn't have a lot of planning time, partially because Nathan was spending more time visiting Cycle 3.

The two boys didn't involve the parents (aka the people who were actually going to purchase and make the items they were planning on selling) until very late in the game. And the funniest bit was that both our family and the other boy's family were in the middle of packing up our houses to move so neither of us had very much to work with.

At the very last minute, the boys finalized their offerings and the mums quickly divvied up the work. The boys put up their signs and set up their stall with minimal help from us - just the way their school likes it.

It was very rainy that afternoon and their stall got moved from the school entrance to the verandah outside their classroom, quite far from all the afternoon pick-up traffic flow. Even though very few families stuck around that day, the boys got a lot of business.

The market stalls run for one hour after school. It was suggested to the boys to drop their prices halfway through to help sell off more of their product. 

In the end, the boys made over $100. After paying back their expenses (like the float, printing costs, a percentage to the P&F and initial cost of the product because it was not, in fact, free), the boys still had $89 in profit to donate to the RSPCA.

The boys did such a great job and they should be so proud of themselves. What a wonderful way to finish off the term.

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