Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Futsal Finals

Nathan's futsal team had another fantastic regular season this year. They finished at the top of the ladder, undefeated, scoring 109 goals through the season (40 goals ahead of the next team). They were looking forward to finishing the futsal season with their finals games but due to weather and schedule logistics, those games were postponed until now.

The semi-final and grand final games were scheduled for the same day. If Nathan's team won the 4:30pm semi-finals, they would advance to the grand final at 7:10pm. It had been a couple months since the team played together and I secretly wondered how they would do. Would they remember how to play together? Would they play as well as they did during the regular season?

Before long, I had my answers. The team started the semi-final game off quite laid back, but soon they tightened up their game and in the end, they won 2-0. We had just enough time to go out and grab some dinner for the kids to refuel for the next game.

When we got back from dinner, we found out Nathan was going to play the grand final game against the Samurai Blue. They were our toughest competition during the regular season and I was seriously nervous at the possibility of our team losing. We couldn't make it to the end just to lose again! Right?!

Both teams warmed up. There was a little speech and then it was kick-off time. It was an intense game. Both teams fought so hard. You could tell towards the end of the game that everyone was getting tired - it was getting late. But in the end, Nathan's team won, 1-0.

As we made our way to the foyer for the awards presentation, one of the moms commented to our coach that all us parents were screaming like banshees on one side of the gym, and he just stood there calmly on the other side, watching. He simply told her: trust. He trusted the team to do their thing.

And rightly so! After all the hours he poured into this team over the past two years, he would know best what they were capable of and tonight, he trusted that they would come out on top as grand final champions.

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