Friday, April 15, 2011

Australian Autumn

We're heading into the fall season here in Australia and it's really throwing me off.

All my life I've known that April means spring. Spring means the weather is warming up. But here in the southern hemisphere, it's the exact opposite. In the southern hemisphere, April means autumn and that means the weather is cooling down.

Last week as I was running out to my mums group, I threw a zip-up hoodie on. Andrew asked me why on earth I would wear a sweater when it was 20degrees outside. See? Normally, I would consider 20-degree weather to be warm and perfect t-shirt weather. So thinking he was probably right and that I was losing my good sense, I tossed my sweater onto the couch, grabbed Caleb and ushered Nathan out the door.

When I arrived at church, I not only realized that I was cold and probably should have kept the sweater on, but that the cardigan I normally keep in my bag for such occasions was not, in fact, in my bag and about three other mums had sweaters on. I was envious. And cold.

Luckily, Caleb was extra clingy (yeah, for once I'm grateful) and I held on to him the entire time.

However, by the time I left the church, it was scorching hot outside again!

Someone please tell me what I'm supposed to wear.

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