Friday, May 27, 2011

Burgers, Ice Cream and New Friends

After an agonizing week and a half, our entire family is almost 100%.

Nathan's pretty much fully recovered from his chicken pox. Caleb's getting there, poor guy had it much worse than his big brother but took it like a champ. And last night, I was hit with "some sort of cold or virus" as my doctor used to say. I crawled into bed after dinner with a fever and chills. Luckily, this morning I woke up feeling better but still not well enough to go to mum's group. I spent the entire day crawling after Caleb and holding the little guy and by the time Andrew came home, I was exhausted. Andrew agreed to bring Caleb along with him to pick Nathan up. Then, he let Nathan play after school for extra long.

While they were out I got some much-needed time alone.

When they got home, we decided to treat ourselves to burgers at Nathan's current favourite: Grill'd. They've got some pretty good gourmet burgers and Andrew's favourite chips (fries) - they're sprinkled with salt and rosemary. We always get the sweet chili mayo to dip them in. So good.

And ever since our friends first brought us to Grill'd, it's been tradition to follow it with gelato. This time, we changed it up a bit and ended up at Cold Rock Creamery next door. That's when Nathan's friend from school appeared out of nowhere. Apparently, he and his dad were driving by when he spotted Nathan on the sidewalk. He yelled for his dad to stop so he could say hi.

It turned out that they were headed to Grill'd to meet his mom for dinner. After we got our ice cream, we were on the sidewalk and Nathan's little friend called out to him from the patio of Grill'd. We headed over to say a quick "hi" but ended up chatting with them for their entire dinner.

The boys had a great time hanging out.

And somewhere along the lines, I may have signed Andrew up for some surf lessons.

* * * * * * * * * *

Yes, we let Nathan sit on the ground with his friend. Back in Toronto, this would have never happened. But I guess it's part of being in Australia.

Kids here climb trees to the highest branch, run around with no shoes on and get dirt under every single finger/toe nail from digging in the mud. But they're happy exploring the world around them. As much as we'd love to keep Nathan completely clean and germ-free, we've learned a little lesson from Scaredy Squirrel. We've (sort of) abandoned our squeaky clean, germ-free, slightly boring, 100% safe ways and traded them for some slightly germ-y but lots of fun ways.

I mean, how else is Nathan going to learn to try new things if we're always holding him back and telling him not to get dirty?

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