Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hidden Gems

I've hopped on the declutter-bandwagon (again) and I'm in the midst of trying to clear some space on my computer. What takes up the most space on my computer? Photos. Somehow, I have less than 5 gigs available on my computer. That can't be good.

Some of you may remember that for the first year and a half of Nathan's life, I took at least one picture of him every. single. day. A lot of them are blurry. But I refuse to let them go. Hence the lack of space on my computer.

Not wanting to fall into the trend of having no pictures of my second child, I make sure I take lots of pictures of Caleb as well. No, I don't get to take a photo of him every single day, but when the camera does come out, I click that shutter release button furiously.

I've been experimenting with the knobby things on our dSLR lately (Pardon? That's not what they're called? Oh.) and many of our photos have turned out like this:

I briefly considered just moving them to trash but then, just for fun, I thought I might try playing around with it to see what might be hidden underneath all that darkness.

And look what I found!

I'm so glad I didn't delete these photos.

They're gems! Little diamonds in the rough.

I am never deleting another photo ever again!

Yours truly,


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