Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Asian Food (Round 6)

Chicken karaage

We still have no clue how "karaage" is actually pronounced because each time we order it, the server says it differently. But, this was one of those dishes we had at a restaurant and decided we must try to make it ourselves at home.

Here's the one we had at the restaurant:

Here's the one we made at home:

Okay, so our presentation isn't all there. It's something we've been trying to work on, but really, when your hungry child is calling to you, telling you how he's ravenous and wants to eat now, presentation falls to the bottom of your priority list.

Anyway, we learned how to make the brown sauce and found that the thing that "made" this dish was a combination of that and Japanese mayonnaise. Delicious.

Fish with corn and rice

Not sure how else to call it, but that's what it's known as in our home. This one was a favourite of Nathan's back in Toronto. Every single time we ate at a Chinese restaurant, he would request to have this dish. Since coming to Brisbane, he's moved on to lemon chicken but I decided to make it again tonight.

Yes, that is fish. For whatever reason, I suggested Andrew bread the fish with panko crumbs instead of corn starch. And I added an egg to the corn sauce which may be why it's so incredibly bright yellow and stiff. Doesn't look amazing but Nathan loved it and requested it for lunch.

And with that, I'm now at 16/24 dishes. My motivation to cook has been severely low lately but I'm hoping it'll pick up again soon.

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  1. i wanna try making that karaage thing.. looks delish!



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