Thursday, July 21, 2011

Postcard for Caleb

Any time I travel, I send a postcard to myself. It's my version of a souvenir and journaling mixed together. A quick and easy memento. Plus, you know how much I love mail! Postcards are my favourite.

When we started traveling with Nathan, I started writing postcards to him as well. I figure one day, when he's outgrown all his t-shirts and stuff, this postcard might be a nice souvenir to have. I usually write our postcards towards the end of our trip so I can record more personal details.

On our trip to Byron Bay, I completely forgot to write a postcard to Caleb. It was his very first trip and we had no postcard to show for it! I was absolutely kicking myself.

Then, Nathan, like the wonderful big brother he is, calmly told me that it was alright. He would draw a postcard for Caleb so that he won't be sad.

Nathan worked on this for two days. He drew the outline of his postcard and divided it into little sections, like one of the postcards he had seen. Then, in each section, he drew something that Caleb does.

He poured so much love into this piece. A brilliant work of art.

Have you been inspired by children lately?

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  1. omgee! this is so sweet. my children inspire me daily.

  2. This is actually the best postcard I have ever seen.

  3. top row, from left: caleb rolling, caleb in our beach tent, pokemon cards, caleb putting his fingers in his mouth, caleb having tummy time, caleb eating solid foods

    middle row: caleb's toes in the sand, caleb's face, caleb being showed to the sun, caleb playing with his toys and laughing

    bottom row: caleb crawling, caleb having a bath (it's private), caleb sleeping, caleb knocking down a tower



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