Monday, July 11, 2011

Bangalow and Surfer's Paradise

On the suggestion of one of my new mommy friends, we visited the little town of Bangalow on our way home from Byron Bay.

Bangalow is a little 19th-century village full of historic buildings with wide verandahs. The buildings have been restored and transformed into little boutique restaurants and shops, many of them filled with antiques.

Much to the boys' dismay, we spent a good couple of hours wandering in and out of the tiny shops. One of our first stops was an antique store. As I was drooling over the wooden crates and blue glass bottles, the boys found something else to enjoy.

When we finished window shopping, we grabbed a quick snack (afternoon tea) before hitting the road again. And it was good thing too, because that's when it started to rain again.

After driving for about an hour and a half, we were nearing Surfer's Paradise at the Gold Coast. We decided to we had to stop because at this point, Caleb had already been crying for almost an hour. It was just about dinner time so we walked around and found a place to eat - Billy Baxter's.

They had some okay American-style food. We ordered some wings because I've been craving them for a while but they were a little disappointing. The fish and chips were good, though, and Andrew's rib and steak turned out relatively well. There was this cheap magician wandering around the restaurant, entertaining the children looking to make a quick buck. He told Nathan he'd come back when he was done eating if we wanted to give him a special little show.

Nathan took this to heart and once he ate his last bite, he immediately said he was done and asked if he could go tell the magician. Andrew and I looked at each other. Great.

Let's just say I was thoroughly unimpressed with his act, but laughed along hoping Nathan wouldn't notice. Nathan loved his silliness and laughed his little heart out, though afterwards he wished the show was a little longer.

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