Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finding Inspiration in Being Pampered

Most days, I feel thoroughly pampered if my day starts out with an un-rushed shower and ends with a nice cup of tea or milk and a warm chocolate chip cookie. An extra bonus is if I get to watch a show or two in bed with Andrew before we pass out. That's right, watching tv is a luxury in this household.

Every now and then, I'll have days where I need a little something extra. Sometimes it comes in the form of a yummy dessert, other times, a nice pedicure.

And if I'm really dreaming, then a week-long vacation to an all-inclusive resort where I can relax on a white sandy beach with a cool drink and a good book is the way to go.

Of course, a day at a spa like this one wouldn't hurt either. Well, maybe just my wallet.

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Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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A big happy birthday to my little sister who's found a way to pamper herself in Chi-town for her birthday this year!


  1. Love the coffee & cupcake - looks like the perfect way to relax. :)

    Stopping in from Gussy's!

  2. love the little details on the cupcake! all of these things are relaxing to me too (:

  3. ohhh a vacation like that.. oh how I would love that too! hugs xo

  4. Stopping over from Gussy's blog :) Love the tea & cookies idea, that's just so "homey." And reminds me of the hotel hubs & I stayed at on our honeymoon - they served milk & fresh cookies every night in the lobby (so cute).



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