Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet Mr. Daring

Over the past couple of weeks, we've learned that Caleb can move at lightning speeds. He hasn't quite yet learned how to crawl but he can move across the floor on his tummy. If you imagine someone doing the equivalent of the butterfly stroke on their belly on land, that would be how Caleb moves. He loves moving around and he's moving further and faster each day.

And now, Caleb has a new passion: pulling himself into standing position.

Whenever Caleb encounters something that's taller than he is while on his hands and knees, he has to pull himself up on it. It doesn't matter if the object/person will not hold his weight. It doesn't matter if it isn't stable or slides across the floor. If something's taller than Caleb, he will climb it.

He happened to discover this new passion of his the same day Andrew went back to school.

To say I had my hands full is an understatement. I'm so glad Nathan's been on school holidays - he's been a huge help in keeping an eye on Caleb and warning me when he starts climbing.

I couldn't leave Caleb alone for more than 5 seconds.

It's not so bad when he's leaning against a sturdy piece of furniture with both hands. But sometimes, he manages to lean himself on one hand against something that's barely within reach and as his little legs get tired, he twists and falls back. Sometimes he hits his head and it scares me, but not him. If he falls, he takes a quick break to regroup then gets right back to climbing again.

I try to buy myself a little time by putting him in places far away from anything he can pull up on. But the kid is fast. Within seconds, he's right beside something pulling himself up. Talk about crazy upper-body strength.

If this is any indication of what his future self will be like, I am absolutely certain that Caleb will face challenges head-on with full determination and not stop until he's achieved success.

Anyone have tips on how to buy myself a couple minutes to eat/clean/prepare food/go to the washroom during the day? Oh, and strapping him into his rocking chair won't work here. But I'll have to show you why another time.

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