Friday, August 19, 2011

Grill'd Ninji

Nathan's best friend invited him along to his birthday dinner tonight. It's not much different from our usual, almost weekly, dinner at Grill'd except that this week, we had balloons and a birthday cake to go with our yummy burgers.

I thought it'd be nice to make a little ninja for him, just like the one Nathan has since they're best friends and all. (Brothers, if you ask them.)

So last night, I stitched together this little dude and added the free "I ♥ Grill'd" button I had picked up from our trip there last week.

I don't mean for Ninji to be a blatant advertisement for Grill'd but I think ever since we started having dinners together there, both boys really look forward to Friday nights so that button seemed appropriate.

My mom saw Ninji this morning and asked for one, too, so now I'm in the process of stitching together a couple more.

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