Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sydney Aquarium (Lego Version)

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the photos. My camera battery threatened to die on me and I snapped these quickly in between chasing after Nathan and pushing the stroller while carrying Caleb.


Upon entering the aquarium, we were greeted by this specimen of the mythological aquatic male type, chiseled abdominals and all. I quickly posed Nathan in front and snapped a picture of it for Andrew to reference when he works out in the morning.

After my dad got our tickets, we wandered in and found this dude waiting for us.

That's when I realized there might be a Lego person waiting for us around every corner, so I made sure to get a picture of Nathan with each of them.

Next, were these guys. I wasn't quite sure how the Western-slash-desert-wanderer theme fit into the aquarium but we took pictures with them anyway.

This sailor made more sense.

This keeper too, I suppose.

This is one of my favourites just because the real penguins this was standing beside were so cute! They were playing around so carefree and content.

This bunch shows you how to take a good picture.

Here's the awesome mermaid that sits just outside the dugong area. What's a dugong you ask? It's a very, very large marine mammal that reminds me of a manatee. I think they're related.

I think this scuba diver is cute. I want to scuba dive.

I love Nathan's pose with this whale tail. At first I didn't get what he was doing. He had to explain it to me. Can you guess what he's doing?

I think this one is of Moby Dick. The background is super impressive - it's also made of Lego!

And here's the last statue you see as you exit the gift shop.

I think we got a picture with all the Lego structures. Check back soon for a post on some of the actual creatures we saw at the Sydney Aquarium.

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