Sunday, September 4, 2011

Father's Day... Again

Today is Father's Day here in Australia.

So despite celebrating Father's day earlier this year in June, as we normally did in Canada, we kind of acknowledged it again today. And by kind of, I mean Caleb and I took a nap while Nathan played by himself and Andrew cooked a super-fantastic Father's Day meal for us.

I did eventually get up and help cook but I think it's only fair that if he gets two Father's Days, he should help out with one of them. Am I right, or am I right?


Anyway, after being disappointed multiple times with the quality and flavour of the chicken wings here, we decided it was time to make our own honey garlic chicken wings again.

And since we were having wings, we might as well make it a rib-and-wings combo with some fall-off-the-bones ribs.

And of course, you gotta have some homemade fries to go with it.

Better than a KFC family meal.

Don't worry, we didn't eat it all in one sitting. In fact, it took so long to make, most of it is still sitting on the table.


  1. Looks delish! Found your blog through Jen's blog and love reading your adventures in Australia!

  2. That looks AMAZING. wtg Andrew! Happy Aussie Father's Day dude!



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