Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Guess who got a haircut?

Caleb did - his very first one! Yesterday before Andrew left for school we decided to go ahead and give him a trim.

It was so hard cutting his hair - it's so fine it kept slipping through my fingers before I could cut it every time he moved. And he moved a lot.

There were lots of 'ooooh no's along the way but luckily his hair is so thin and light you can barely tell.

Sorry for the quality of Caleb's haircut photos. Nathan was given the job of photographer and he was more interested in watching shows with Caleb than documenting this momentous occasion.

Guess who else got a haircut?

I did! I finally ran out of excuses.

After I had Caleb, I lost a lot of hair, and that was exacerbated by Caleb pulling out handfuls at a time. I looked like I was balding so I wanted to keep whatever hair I had left on my head.

Then, when my hair started growing back, it got cold and I like having longer hair in the winter so I put off getting it cut again.

But now, it's getting hotter, my hair was getting longer and was in serious need of a trim.

So I finally did it!


  1. you both look awesome, and what a darling Caleb is!

  2. You look cute with that hair! And Caleb too. lol..

  3. Your hair is cute! and also, I love your red dress! :)



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