Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treating Aussie-Style

When we first arrived in Australia, I thought that Halloween would be a big thing here. The main reason? There were costumes everywhere. There was a huge costume shop beside the chemist (pharmacy). There were costumes at kmart. Kids wore costumes out on a daily basis.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that Halloween and trick or treating wasn't actually that popular here.

We still managed to get a little bit of trick or treating in though. We went with a couple of friends from Nathan's school, after a quick fish and chips dinner.

The first street we hit up (on someone's recommendation) was scary to say the least but only because everyone's lights were off and the first house we went to had massive dogs barking at us.

I was scared of all the spiderwebs we could have been walking into and snakes that could be slithering by our feet.

We eventually found a street that was lit up. The kids had a blast running down the street looking for houses with treats.

We also ran into a guy with a flame thrower. Turns out he made it himself with a caulking gun, deodorant and cotton wool.

I have never been more tired from trick or treating. Not only did I have to carry cranky Caleb in the carrier, the houses were so far apart, and the roads are so hilly. I'm pretty sure all that walking has earned me some sort of reward in the form of confiscated Halloween candy, don't you?


    how could you after knowing how it feels to have all your candy taken away as a child?!

    (haha. remember how we started hiding our candy in our lunch boxes in our closets? haha! we were so smart!)

  2. I think it's very interesting the different ways different cultures celebrate differenet holidays. Hmmm... how many times can I say 'different' in one sentence? lol

    The flame thrower is pretty cool!

  3. I also think it's pretty cool to see if or how other cultures celebrate holidays! And finding out about holidays that we don't celebrate here (U.S.) I think the internet is wonderful in how it's exposed us to more cultures!



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