Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nasty Trick

Alternate title: I thought we decided not to do cloth diapers?

I was dutifully catching up on my housewife-y chores today and hanging the laundry out (yes, I hang out laundry now!) when I discovered this:

A diaper that had gone through the wash!

I was wondering what those tiny gel granules all over our clothes were, as I was violently trying to shake them out. Now I know.

Talk about airing out dirty laundry...

Let the record show that I rewashed the laundry after discovering this dirty diaper. And that it was just a pee diaper (thank goodness). And that it definitely wasn't me who tossed it into the wash (I think).

Please tell me this has happened to someone else.


  1. i don't think it was me either, but i have absolutely no memory of anything that goes on between 12 AM and 5 AM these days, so i may have done it in my sleep

  2. I have been there before, it is no fun at all.

  3. Totally happened to me before. Just the other day I discovered disposable nursing pads in my clean laundry, so I'm sure diapers aren't far behind. :)

  4. nappies (diapers) are the worst..imagine what they do in our landfills/tips!!! ahhhh!!!

    and yes we dont really do halloween in NZ either...i dont do it myself!!!



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