Friday, November 4, 2011

The Things You Do: Caleb (Oct 2011)

My little Caleb, you're growing up so quickly. Every week, you're trying something new and I don't want to forget these little things you do.

I still spoon feed you, otherwise you'd just throw all your food onto the ground. Whenever there's a chunk of food, you always spit it out into your hand so you can put it in your mouth yourself. And when you don't want anymore, you shake your head "no".

You love drinking from your Thomas the Tank Engine zippy cups but sometimes you just turn them over to make little water puddles on your tray and lean forward to slurp it up. Or you throw that on the ground, too.

You love copying our facial expressions, scrunching up your nose, opening your eyes wide and grinning. This one's my favourite right now:

You love it when we copy your sounds, and it encourages you to be even louder and try more sounds so we can have little conversations.

You sit so quietly in the car, sometimes I think you're asleep but when I look back, you're just looking out the window or watching me as I drive.

You love to climb just about anything, and it always makes my heart skip a beat when you lose your footing but most of the time, you find ways to catch yourself and keep going.

All those little things you do just brighten up my day.


  1. Bee, he is getting so cute and BIG! I love these posts :)

  2. he is such a cute little guy.. my favourites are his open mouth face, his scrunched up face, and of course his regular smile :)



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