Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Venturing to Carindale for Coke

We decided to drive out to a new mall today.

Before that, though, this brave little boy got 4 shots - 2 in each arm.

He was so good the whole time. He sat so still in my lap, cried when the needles went in but the second the nurse started blowing bubbles, he was all smiles again. So proud of my little guy!

Then, at the mall, guess what I spotted:

For a moment, it felt like I was home again.

After a quick walk around the store, we were off to find the Coke kiosk (aka the whole reason we were at this mall today).

Why the Coke kiosk, you ask?

Because I heard somewhere that they were giving away free cans of Coke with your name on it, as part of a campaign they're currently running! Little personalized cans of Coke!

Of course, we had to get one for each of us.

And then I had to get one for my sister. It's like a sickness I've had since we were kids - whenever I get something, I have to see if she wants one/get one for her.

And of course, because I have a need for "symmetry", we had to get one for Andrew's brother as well.

But because he's getting married, we couldn't leave his fiancee out, so we kind of smushed their names together. We had a 12 character limit, and we tried to ask for the second "C" to be capitalized but they wouldn't do it.

And after a highly successful shopping trip (for me), we headed home.

To Jay, Chris and Charita: this was supposed to be a surprise but I am obviously very deficient in the area of keeping small gifts a secret, so I hope you like these.


  1. How cool is that!!! I am a huge Coke fan and would be so excited to get somethimg like that!

  2. That is so nice! Thank you very much for it, guys. I am already clearing a place for it right beside the TV :)

  3. Oh wow! Never heard of Coke kiosks. Very cool and loving the personalized coke cans. That is a great score!

  4. Kate aka stinkydudetteDecember 14, 2011 at 1:11 AM

    Ooo... I have a reason to go to Carindale this weekend! Any idea when this is until??

  5. how cool are they!!!
    and kate aka wanna get one for me????hahaha



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