Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chilling in Chermside

My iPhone died on me this morning and I was frantic.

It has literally been my lifeline for the past week or so, since we still have no phone or internet at home. So Andrew suggested I go to the Apple store and see if they could do anything for me.

I generally don't like the idea of bringing the boys to the mall myself, especially when it's far andI have no idea how long we might be there for, seeing as how I'd have to wait for them to squeeze me in to their Genius Bar appointments. But I needed my phone.

So after we dropped Andrew off at the hospital, we headed to Chermside.

Luckily, when we got to the Apple store, Nathan occupied himself with an iPad and Caleb was generally manageable until some guy named Michael came to help me out.

Michael asked me what the problem was, took a look at my phone, then turned it on. Seriously. Just like that, he turned it on, like nothing was wrong with it at all. He must have thought I was an idiot. So I asked him to check and make sure that there was definitely nothing wrong. He did, and he said everything was working just fine.

Slightly embarrassed, but relieved, I walked the boys out of the store and we got a Starbucks to share - caramel frappuccino for me, whipped cream on top for the boys.

Then, I let the boys play in the play area since it was pretty quiet, until it got too busy and other boys started knocking Caleb down.

I love that we're still on summer break and I could take the boys out with me on such short notice. I also love that we had the extra time to share a drink and for the boys to have a play. I'm going to miss this when Nathan goes back to school next week!

I think Caleb's going to miss him, too.

1 comment:

  1. glad your phone is fixed!!! and that your place is all cleaned and done!!!

    by the way love the ice rock ice cream place!!! yum!!!



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