Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Move

We're finally done with our old place for good.

After Andrew finished class today, he met us at our old apartment to give it one final clean. We all pitched in: Andrew held Caleb and kept him entertained while trying to supervise Nathan, who was vacuuming and mopping (or at least, that's what he said). I was stuck in the showers trying the scrub off all the soap scum. After about two hours of scrubbing, I had enough so I finished the mop job and we called it a day.

We celebrated by having lunch at Grill'd. Caleb even got his very own mini me pack.

Then, as an extra treat, we all got ice cream as well.

Oh, and before we left, while Andrew was walking around the balcony, I happened to look up and saw this new tenant who had moved in after we left.

See him?

I'm so incredibly glad we left when we did.

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