Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Becoming Supermom

I really got my act together today and had a fantastic supermom kind of day, and I thought I should document this so I can look back on it when I have a not so hot day.

Nathan's been sleeping in in the mornings and today instead of wasting my time trying to wake him up and fight him all the way out the door, I took Caleb downstairs and fed him breakfast first. When I came back up to change Caleb, I woke Nathan up and he got ready and went down for breakfast. While Nathan was having breakfast, I read to Caleb.

I love having breakfast together, but I love having a quiet and calm start to the day just a little more.

After dropping Nathan off at school, and picking up my box of material prep stuff I'm helping his classroom with, I brought Caleb to swimming lessons.

He missed last week because of the eyebrow incident, but he was so pumped to be back in the water. He could not wait to get in. And once we were in, he was practically throwing himself into the deep waters.

Caleb's been falling asleep in the car a lot lately, and it sometimes throws off his schedule so as I turned the roundabout and heard a little snore, I was cautiously hoping that he was tired enough to transfer to his bed and continue napping.

And he was. He ended up napping for two glorious hours.

In those two hours, I managed to do all the dishes, cook sushi rice and make sushi for dinner, do a load of laundry, pick up the lounge (aka Nerf gun room), put together a few decor pieces for the kitchen and pack our swimming stuff for a play date after school.

Then, Caleb woke up and I fed him lunch which he ate happily.

When he was done, I changed him and surprisingly, he reached for Nathan's bounce back racer. That thing hasn't been touched for quite a few months now, after Nathan threw it one day and it stopped working. Since Caleb was really wanting to play with it and I had been meaning to take a look at the car to see if I could fix it (or will it back to work), I took out Andrew's tiny screwdrivers and went at it.

By the time Andrew came home, it was working again. It was also time to pick up Nathan from school.

Nathan had a quick play at school and then we were off with a couple of his friends from school to a nearby playground with a water play area. It was so hot outside today I was happy to be in the water again. And so I spent the next 1.5 hours following Caleb around. I was surprised by how much more steady and confident he was in the water this time compared to the last time I was with him.

Then when it started to rain, we raced home for a quick shower and dinner before I headed out again with Nathan back to his school for a Working with Your Child session.

He showed me a whole bunch of his favorite work.

We worked together on this chalk drawing, taking turns adding parts. He requested that I draw the house "small because it is far away" and he reminded me to draw daddy and Cabee at home. I was a little sad when Nathan told me we had to wash it away.

I think he was a little thrown off by that because he just looked at me with wide eyes and said, "we have to". So I accepted it and moved on.

On the way home we stopped by at Coles for some clementines. The boys have been inhaling them since Saturday. We literally ate half the bag today.

It's such a refreshing change to feel like I'm on top of things for once. Over the weekend I was just telling Andrew how I felt like I was always behind, running out of time, trying to catch up. And today I finally got everything crossed off my to-do list so I could sit back and relax. Thank you, God for lifting that burden off of my shoulders. I feel so free.

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  1. YAH for a sleeping bubba so you could tick items off your to-do list!!!!
    nothing like getting stuff done!!!

    and cute pics of school visit...sounds fun!!



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