Monday, February 6, 2012

He Can WHAT?!

The first time he ever used chopsticks, I remember this distinctly, was on Andrew and my 2nd anniversary. We were at AYCE sushi and he ate with chopsticks for the first little bit then reverted back to stuffing sushi into his mouth with his fingers.

Since then, every time we have dim sum, he's been asking for a fork so I just assumed he wasn't able to use chopsticks well.

Then, last night we were at our friends' house having lo hei and without thinking, I just gave Nathan a plate with chopsticks and he quietly sat in a chair and BAM, this happened:

Like it was no big deal!

Since when could my big guy use chopsticks so well?!

I was blown away.

And he looked at me like I was embarrassing him with my shock and amazement.

I told him I was going to watch him eat all night.

He looked annoyed.

So I stopped.

The end.

1 comment:

  1. cool shots!!!
    while we were away on summer holiday my niece asked to use my chopsticks and she did so well with them....her and I then went and got her some from the local shop..just in time for her birthday!!! cute little pink animal ones!!!



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