Friday, February 17, 2012

Growing This Week

I have been an awful blogger this week, but I'm glad it's because I've been too busy enjoying my life.

It's amazing how much can happen in one week.

This week, Caleb...

... started climbing up the playground stairs and sliding down the slide all by himself! (And I only started letting him climb up the stairs last week)

... slept through the night, but not as consistently as last week.

... voluntarily jumped (wiggled) into the pool when I called for him to.

... started blowing kisses.

This week, Nathan...

... 's teacher informed me that she's already put the paperwork through for Nathan to transition to Cycle 2*.

... was invited to have lunch at Cycle 2.

... somehow got Caleb out of the crib in the morning (twice).

... showed me he has a wiggly tooth!

Can someone press the pause button? My boys are growing up way too quickly!

*Edited to add: The Montessori system uses 3-year cycles instead of grades so Cycle 2 refers to the second cycle, ages 6-9.


  1. Wow, wiggly teeth!

    Also, what is Cycle 2?

  2. cool catch up post on how the boys are doing!!!
    cute pics too



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