Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Bought A Piano

When we moved to Brisbane, I knew Andrew missed playing piano, but there wasn't enough space in our condo for one, and not to mention sound would travel so quickly through the uninsulated walls and we'd probably get complaints daily.

Plus, living on a student budget with zero income, it just really wasn't high on our priority list as we were getting settled. Things like a refrigerator and a washing machine were a little more important and a piano was simply a luxury we couldn't afford.

But when we moved to a bigger house, we had plenty of space.

So when Andrew was sleeping at night, I would search for pianos on Gumtree and send him ads that I thought sounded reasonable.

A few months later, somehow we decided to take the next step and actually check out one of the pianos we found.

We went to take a look at it after Nathan's birthday party, and on the way there, I realized how unprepared we were. We had no idea how to inspect a used piano, or how to tell its value. So I quickly consulted Google for some tips.

As Andrew tested out the piano, I learned about the piano's history and how it was maintained over the years.

From what I was told, the lady researched extensively before she finally chose this piano for her children, and it sounded like she really wanted to find the piano a good home where it would be appreciated and used. One thing was for sure: it sounded beautiful.

So after a brief discussion with Andrew, we decided to take it.

On our way home though, I wasn't feeling completely settled.

Did we rush into the decision? (Maybe.)
Did we make the right choice? (I hope so.)
We didn't know what the proper value of the piano was, or if there were internal damages or wearing that would render the piano a "$650 pile of firewood" as one of the websites so eloquently put it.
Should we have asked to see it again with a technician?

In the end, we decided to stick with our decision and follow through with the purchase, and pray that it would all work out well.

The piano arrived tonight and let me tell you, all three of the boys were super excited to play on it.

I'm excited because I'll get to hear Andrew play (hopefully, regularly) again.

Also, now we finally have somewhere to display some family photos! Is it weird that this is something I'm really excited about?


  1. How very fun!! I've always wanted a piano - even though i don't know how to play one!! LOL Congrats on your fab purchase!

  2. Your home will be fun of music! looks like a wonderful purchase to me!

  3. That looks like a great purchase to me. There is nothing like a piano! Enjoy it.

  4. oh my! adorable photos and a great story!!

  5. YAH that the piano is here and everyone is loving it!!!
    and as for the meatballs in the post below



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