Monday, April 16, 2012

Jet Lag

I've never experienced jet lag before but I assume that the only thing worse than being jet-lagged is having a jet-lagged baby.

Our original plan was to stay up until our regular bed times, but Caleb and Nathan were both fast asleep by 5:30 last night. Pretty understandable, as we had been on and off planes and dragging our carry-ons between terminals for the past 30 hours or so.

Knowing the boys would probably be up before the sun, I decided to hit the sack a little while later.

Then, at 1am Caleb woke up.

I thought I'd be able to feed him back to sleep, but one and a half hours later, Caleb was still awake and hungry. So with a bit of effort, I convinced Andrew to take him downstairs for a little snack.

When they returned shortly after, Andrew went right back to sleep while Caleb rolled around a little longer. The poor guy was tired but he couldn't get comfortable. I bet he was also cold, but because he hates blankets, the only thing that could keep him warm was my body heat. Of course, he managed to find a comfortable position on my arm that left me lying horizontal across the bed, with my head hanging off the side.

I put up with this for a little while, thinking I could just move him once he was deeper asleep so I passed the time by catching up on blogs... and trying to sleep with my head on the bed frame, which, let me tell you, is not comfortable and doesn't work.

When I finally did move him, he woke up, crawled around and repositioned himself with his head on my chest and rest of his body on my arm.

Unfortunately, unlike Andrew, I can't sleep with Caleb on me because I wake up when he moves. So I quickly repositioned him on to the bed beside me but little guy wouldn't have any of that. Instead, he decided to sleep-feed for the next hour.

By 5am Caleb was fully fed and fully awake. He crawled over to Andrew's head, smacked his face a couple times, ripped off his glasses that were still on from when he brought Caleb down for milk a couple hours prior and proceeded to kick his face.

I think I would have tried to stop Caleb from kicking Andrew except by this point, I was laughing like a delirious maniac and Andrew sleepily asking me what was so funny repeatedly only made me laugh harder.

Caleb soon got bored of Andrew's lack of response to his attacks and decided to point to random objects and say Da? (that) instead. By this time, Andrew started to wake up so I gently reminded him that he had promised to shower Caleb if he woke up before Andrew had to leave for school. This was definitely before he had to leave. After Caleb's shower, we were starving.

As we walked by the boys' room, we heard Nathan make a noise and a minute later, the four of us were marching down the stairs to have breakfast. The sun wasn't even up yet.

And that is how we started off our first full day back in Brisbane.

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  1. ekkkkkkk days like this are bad,...and with jet lag worse!!! hope you all get back to normal soon!!! hope you get some naps soon!!!



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