Friday, May 11, 2012


My friend scored some last minute tickets to Annie and asked if I wanted to tag along.

Of course I did!

I wasn't planning on dressing up but since she wore a dress, I ran home and threw on one of the many dresses I purchased prior to my brother-in-law's wedding. Don't judge. I needed options. Plus, I have grown to love wearing dresses here all the time just because I can.

Excuse the smudges on the mirror, we have a little boy who loves playing with his reflection.
Anyway, I got changed and off we went.

I couldn't take any pictures during the show, but here's the review I gave Andrew when I got home.

  • I thought Annie had curly hair throughout the movie. In the musical, she had straight hair until the very end which threw me off.
  • Ms. Hannigan could have been snappier. I found her to be a little too soft.
  • Grace Farrell needs to pick an accent and stick with it. 

Getting fresh air during intermission.
After those comments, Andrew asked if I even liked the musical at all.

The truth is, I did.

Oliver Warbucks and Annie were fantastic. The music was great and the sets were fun to look at (minus one scene when they were "flying to Washington" but it looked like someone's screensaver with a little plane shakily making its way across the screen).

But I also enjoyed the musical on an entirely different level. It was refreshing to hear people speak in a more familiar accent again. I was revelling in their references to American culture and terminology, like "Jello" of all things.

Other notes from my first Australian theatre experience:

  • I was very grateful the usher snuck us in right before the start of the show. I would have been devastated if we missed any part of it.
  • During the show, my friend passed me a bag of chips. I was a little confused as I always thought theatres had a "no food or drink" policy. I quickly learned this was not the case as there were people selling ice creams during intermission like it was a ball game. I wonder if it was for this show only.
Overall, it was a very enjoyable girls' night out.


  1. Eating in the theatre seems so weird to me (except for movie theatres of course)

  2. you know i LOVE you in a dress!!!
    you look great!!!

    as for annie...i am with you on the curly expect the show to be like the movies you have seen!!!



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