Saturday, May 12, 2012

Emotional Wreck

Today, I discovered a surefire way to turn yourself into an emotional wreck.

Step 1: Decide to wean your toddler (again).

Sitting at my desk tonight, I realized that this meant Caleb will no longer willingly snuggle with me when he wakes up in the morning, or when he goes down for his mid-day nap, or when he wakes up from that nap, or when he goes to bed each and every night. I also realized that I foolishly decided to attempt to wean him (again) on the eve of Mother's Day. I tried to remember the reasons I had for giving up this distinctly maternal responsibility and I couldn't come up with a single one.

Oh, and Caleb also just recently started asking for milk by taking my hand and pulling me all the way to his/my bed, pointing so I would lie down and pointing again at my shirt, requesting "dat?". It doesn't matter how far from the bed we are. We could be as far from the bedrooms as physically possible in the house and he'll still walk me all the way upstairs.

Suddenly, I want to undo all of Andrew's hard work and just let Caleb self-wean when he's ready but that would be such a slap across the face to Andrew. I'm so torn.

Step 2: Misplace your wedding ring.

For the first time ever I cannot, for the life of me, find my wedding ring. The moment I realized this, a wave of sheer panic, guilt and anxiety washed over me and I've been drowning in it ever since. It has consumed my thoughts and forced me to check each and every pocket of the same pair of jeans at various times throughout the day, despite being fruitless each and every time prior.

We have turned this house upside down looking for it. I even begged and pleaded with Andrew to sift through the garbage with me but we came up empty-handed. I don't know what to do now. How long would you keep searching until you admit defeat?


  1. going through the garbage was good practice for working with smelly patients

  2. Oh man. Well, I don't know anything about weaning (though I can only imagine what a dilemma it must be!), but I DO know quite a bit about misplacing expensive things - wedding ring included. My most recent 'oops' happened when I lost a $300 Tiffany necklace that Matt had only just bought for me for V-Day. Wah! It was gone for two entire weeks, when I conceded that I also either threw it out by mistake somehow (garbage had long been taken out, so I couldn't search through it), or Rosie ate it and had pooped it out somewhere and it was gone forever. Then, lo an behold, I found it sitting in the lid of my makeup primer a few days later. Don't ask me why on earth it would be in there, but the point is....keep the faith! You probably put your ring somewhere stupid-but-it-made-sense-at-the-time as well.

    (PS - Andrew's comment definitely made me LOL.)

  3. mmmm weaning is a tricky thing!!! and so hard to give up this precious time between a mum and a bubba!!!!
    xxxxxxxxxxx for this!!!
    and hope you find your wedding ring!!!



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