Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Packed Saturday

This was our Saturday:

8am Nathan's soccer game. Nathan scored his first goal of the season!

9am Skyped with my parents. We haven't spoken with them since we left Toronto! I baked a banana bread while we were chatting.

10am My little baby Caleb was invited to his first birthday party for his friend, Nia, who turned 2 today! It was supposed to end at 12pm but we ended up staying until 1.

1:30pm Some girls from church asked to borrow Nathan for an OT project on developmental assessment. They told me it might take a while; they didn't leave until 6.

Also, Nathan finally got a scooter today! He had been asking us for one for about a year now. We told him that we would wait until his 6th birthday. Last week, he gently reminded us of our agreement so Andrew took him to the shops today to pick one out.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. What a fun day! Busy, but fun. The baby should sleep well tonight. :)

  2. cute photos. Love the great dane one. Happy NSD!!

  3. wowsa what a busy day!!! cute scooter too!!

    and from blog posts below....
    love me a girls night.....glad it was what you needed even though you didnt know it!!

    and cute plant....i used to wave stuff past the feelers and the plant would close!! so cool!!! dont know how many flies it ever got though!!!???

  4. lol i vividly remember that he told me he dreamt that he was going to get a scooter for his birthday!

    can we see each other next weeeeek?



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