Monday, May 7, 2012

Redcliffe Lagoon

This weekend was labour day weekend in Queensland.

After our busy Saturday, we didn't have any plans.

I was slightly bummed that we couldn't go away for the long weekend because Andrew had to play drums at church, but we did manage to get away for an afternoon.

We went to Settlement Cove Lagoon in Redcliffe, which is an outdoor pool complex that overlooks Moreton Bay.

I love that the boys could play in the water, and that Nathan could scooter around the pools on the cemented paths.

We got there with enough time for the boys to take a quick dip, and soon the sun was setting.

On our way home, we saw the full moon over the water. The colours and the reflections, it was gorgeous.

I almost made Andrew pull over so I could take a picture. Unfortunately, we were following our friends to a restaurant and we didn't want to get lost so that's the best I got.

Next time, we're pulling over for sure.

1 comment:

  1. those pics are so pretty!!!
    glad you had a great time



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