Thursday, May 24, 2012

PW Meal

101 in 1001 Goal No. 96

I'm pressing on with my sorely neglected list. I know it'll be impossible to achieve all 101 goals but I still have to try.

When I first got The Pioneer Woman's first cookbook, I went through it and marked off all the recipes I wanted to try. Then I got it in my head to cook an entire meal consisting only of recipes from her book.  I had envisioned preparing 3-5 different recipes for that meal.

Then reality hit.

I realized that most of the recipes serve 6-8 people and I believe they're generally geared towards ranch folk who likely burn ten times more calories than the average person. If I went with my original plan, I'd likely have enough food to feed my little family for a week, or we'd all be grossly overstuffed and we'd never want to eat again. Plus, can you even get Lawry's seasoned salt in Australia?

So after a little change of plans, and because the weather is getting cooler, I made Pioneer Woman's roast with her mashed potatoes as suggested in her recipe.

It was delicious, as expected.

Next time I'll add more veggies though. Maybe even double the amount because they're so tasty.

My mashed potatoes got a little (ahem) caramelized in the boiling process. We completely forgot about them and by the time we remembered the water was all gone and the potatoes were browning. They turned out super tasty anyway.

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