Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scooters and Skate Parks

This afternoon, we ended up at a nearby skate park for an impromptu play date.

We just wanted to find somewhere new for the boys to ride their scooters. I wasn't entirely sure about it at first but Nathan seemed really excited to check it out so we went.

Nathan only started riding about 2 weeks ago when he first got his scooter. His first couple tries you could tell he was so eager but not quite confident enough to keep his foot off the ground to glide.

Since then, he's been practicing almost daily. Nathan rides his scooter every chance he gets - on the school grounds after school, in our garage when we're at home and occasionally when we go out, he'll bring it along as well. He was so determined to become good at scootering. He's sure come a long way.

For the most part, Nathan's been riding on pretty flat and even ground so when I heard about the skate park, I figured he might stay on the relatively flat parts and maybe try a little bit of a ramp. Nathan's always been one to play it safe.

Then, when I saw him go down the ramp from the top, I was completely surprised.

I was slightly anxious but really proud that he didn't let fear stop him from trying something new and proud that he was confident enough to give it a try despite knowing he wasn't the best at it.

You could tell that he was still being careful and not going too far out of his comfort zone, but he took a chance.

Nathan always approaches new situations with caution, sometimes to his detriment, so I'm glad he didn't let his worry of failing or worry of getting hurt or embarrassed stop him. I'm also glad he didn't let the bigger boys intimidate him.

Nathan went out there, did his best and he had a blast.

The other mom and I have already scolded ourselves for being such bad moms and not bringing helmets for our boys. We will definitely be bringing them next time if we decide to give the skate park another go.

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